Happy Birthday Ronnie!

Happy 99th Birthday Ronnie!

By Bob Root

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their birthday.  Wendy’s mom, the Gypsy, introduced us to a Dutch book titled apply, “The Birthday Book.”   Written by Gary Goldschneider an online version can be viewed at http://www.mypersonology.com

Born February 2nd, the birthday book says that I am sophisticated, dynamic and original for the good stuff.  On the not so good side, it says I am insulated, aloof and dispassionate.   Wendy, born July 9th, the book says, is curious, inventive and open while being also fearful, delusional and withdrawn.

Another part of the book lets you look at your relationships with each other.  When we plug in both of our birthdays, the manicure that comes up for us both is alluring quicksand.  Our collective attributes are alluring, ambitious and powerful with the watch out parts being deceptive, disingenuous and ruthless.

So what does a Cancer do for an Aquarius for their birthday?  Take them to another Aquarians birthday party.  Even more fun, make it a surprise!

Front of the Reagan Library

So, on February 6, 2010, we headed over the hill from Malibu to meet up with our friends Tina and Dennis.  The ruse, we were going to Simi Valley to an old movie set and ranch to take pictures.  We had to stop by the Regan Library to get the key!   OK, it is a birthday surprise…so nothing makes sense.  I was along for the ride…literally and figuratively.

As we arrived at the Regan Library, there was a long line of cars up the hill.  Being there a number of times, this was unusual.  We had to park down the hill because the parking lot was full.  When we jumped onto a shuttle bus, the chatter was about Ronald Regan’s 99th Birthday Celebration.  Still oblivious, I went along with the charade as a peaceful observer…sort of dispassionate as my horoscope says.

Wendy said, “The Celebration” is about to begin and she angled to get us in.  Little did I know that this was a set-up.  Sheep like, I herded into the big tent where dignitaries, military and local politicians had assembled.  A Marine Corp band played.

Alluring Quicksand!  Wendy’s mom says absolutely!  I sort of look at me as a “where the rubber meets the sky” kind of guy and Wendy a soft-hearted financier.  Yet, people we tell the story to all say Yep, that you guys.

Ron Regan and Nancy?  You guessed it…Alluring Quicksand.  Ronnie, the Aquarian and Nancy the Cancerian.  But that is not the significance of this day.  It was Ronnie’s birthday and mine the week before.  Not until the ceremony was over and we walked to get lunch did I turn the corner in the cafeteria to find a gang of friends wanting celebrate my birthday a week late.

It was great fun and I was very happy that close friends honored me with the surprise.

View over Simi Valley from the Reagan

For me, it was an interesting day because I was also honored to be at Ronnie’s birthday celebration.  My connection with Ron Reagan was one of great inspiration.  I never met the man, although I felt like I knew him.  As a Businessman in California, it was Ron Reagan that put a spark back into the state promoting future thinking, innovation and hard work.  It was Ron that taught me the leadership skill to be firm, frank and friendly in my communication with people.  I was inspired to say the least by his humor and his communication skills.  I could go on and on what he taught me.  The truth is that Ron Reagan taught me to look for what is right in life versus a focus on what is wrong.

Being CNN free, in fact TV news free, for over five years, I would have heard about the big birthday celebration.  I am glad I did not know, because it made my birthday surprise all that sweeter and gave me a chance to honor a friend who I never met.

No matter your view, the Reagan Library captures moments in history that we should not forget.  A trip worth taking and with one of the most breathtaking views in California.  By February 6, 2011, Ronnie’s 100th birthday, the library will have been completely renovated.  Schedule a trip now to see the way it is and again after February 6th next year to see the changes.

Oh, take the time to look yourself up on the Birthday Book at the link above.  It is fun and revealing!

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