A Day in the Life of Jasper and Isabel

Disney and Isabel On Our Coach Together

Disney and Isabel On Our Coach Together

Our life is certainly eclectic and never boring. When people visit us on the coach, they see a bit of our lifestyle at SeeLevel. Jasper has been a wonderful new addition to our family filling a huge hole for all of us. He is his own dog for sure. He may look like Disney, but he is very different. He has become a great pal for Isabel kitty. They play together and even starting to sleep next to each other…on occasion ;]

This year has been the year of excursion trips for us. Business is consuming more time, but we said that, this year, we want to try and stop and visit friends more. It has been nice to take a few left turns here and there.

One of the funny things a lot of people say after spending time with us is that if there is reincarnation, that they want to come back as one of our pets! We cannot really understand why because as you watch this video, we cannot see why people believe they live such a charmed life.

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