The Last Best Car & RV Polish – Rejex

RejexRejex – Great Product – Lousy Name

Finally the best end all search to beat all car polishes creates an unreal finish that last 6 months.

Rejex – Thanks to my friend Dick Hodges, I can stop experimenting with and searching for the perfect car/RV polish.  This is the end game and hands down the best copolymer polish I have ever used.  Rejex is it!

We first used it last year on our new Corvette 2017 Grand Sport.  We applied a light coat to the clean car.  Wiped it off easily and we were amazed at the shine.  When we left Florida, it was about 6 months after the first application and it still looked better than new.  When we arrived in Oregon, I decided to do it again because of the salty air.  Looked better than the first application and seemed to go on easier.  Great Product!

We had the Showhauler painted a little over a year ago in a bright white pearl.  We wanted to Hot Rod out the truck in a Merc 50’s look.  Just before we left Florida, we decided to do the weather surfaces and front of the motor coach.  I thought it might help with the love bugs and other cross-country critters.  I remember pulling into a Pilot fuel stop and seeing at least a gazillion bugs plastered to the mirrors and forward facing surfaces.  This fuel island happened to have a water hose and I decided to see if they would rinse off.  Amazingly, most came right off.  A rain storm going through Kentucky took care of the rest.

All thumbs up!



Rejex is a terrible name for such a great product.  The links above will get you the best price on Amazon.  Rejex is available in a 16 ounce bottle or one gallon versions.

Rejex Update:

Noticed that our Moon hubcaps were tarnishing in the Oregon Coast salt air.  Wendy used Flitz to polish them while I was Flitzing the headlights to get some fogging off.  We polished the headlights and Moon’s with Rejex.  Both look brand new and it stopped the corrosion.  Maybe that is why the company is named Corrosion X

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  1. This stuff is truly amazing. I have used it for my RV, car, boat and even a cabinet that is in the weather. Looking for all sorts of things to polish. The dog still runs away. Alice

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