John Deere!

We travel to the San Francisco Bay Area about two or three times a year for business. Finding a place to park the hulk Grizzly is challenging in this area because there are so many people and so little space. This trip we stayed, for a brief time, at the Alameda Fair Grounds. And yes, it is very close to Lawrence Livermore National Labs where Bob is affiliated.  This time, it was a seven day a week five dealers a day visit punctuated with some industry meetings.

Walking is a experience that helps us keep sane in our busy lifestyle.  If we arrive at a new location earlier in the day, we get hooked up and then set out for a couple of mile trek to unwind and see what we see.  The trek from Santa Barbara to the bay area is short,so when we arrive at the Alameda Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California, the setup was fast and the weather was just clearing after rain on the journey.   When we arrived we walked around the emptiness of a closed fairground and stumbled on a few interesting pieces of history.

We originally shot this video using an Android Smartphone for our friend Dennis who collects some very fine vintage John Deere tractors. We tried to send it from our phones, but kept receiving a transmission error that the file was too big to transmit. So, when we returned to the Grizz, we found that it was indeed, quite big.  We decided to turn it into a blog article because it is interesting and anyone can see these pieces of history.

I am constantly amazed when I look at the machines we use today that just a little over 170 years ago that people were just discovering California in their wagons.  The machines in this video indeed helped to shape California and represent multiple generations of technology improvement.

Herein are our discoveries intended for Dennis and for you to also enjoy.

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