Eat In The Bar – A Chill Travelers Tip

This tip goes way back in time for the both of us.  Traveling alone on business can be one of the toughest things to do especially at meal time.  Both Wendy and Bob spent their fair share of time eating alone as they traveled for their corporate jobs.  Bob’s favorite place to eat and meet people as a lone traveler was sushi bars, tapas bars and regular hometown bars.  Wendy followed the same plan as these places were both safe and much more comfortable than sitting as a single at a table for two.

IMG_1779Now at See Level, Bob & Wendy eat at bars for a whole different reason.   When Chill Travelers pull into a town that is new to them or one that they have not been to in a long time, they pull up Urbanspoon and look for a place that fits the type of food they are looking for.  Sitting at the bar in the best rated places based on ranking and comments, they have the chance to ask about the best places in town, meet the chef or the manager as well as carry on a conversation with the bartender.  It is also a place where you can have your back facing the rest of the restaurant avoiding any drama that may occur.  Another good reason to eat at the bar is that generally you can get a seat at even the busiest times.

We also earn much more at the bar beyond the best places to eat.  We learn all about the town, the people in the community, history and can ask just about any question because bartenders are used to dialog with their customers.  We have met some of the most interesting people at bars and cemented new friendships in this open environment.

Try it next time and be prepared to ask lots of questions!

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