Electrifying Light Show Cheyenne Style – Chill Travelers

Chill Travelers back in Cheyenne!

The weather can be turbulent from one minute to the next in Cheyenne. The winters are cold and beautiful, and in the summer, there are warm, dry days and cool nights. Spring is a time of transition here, and the transition Cheyenne style is usually not tame. After all, our motto is “Forever West!”

Chill Travelers have been in Cheyenne for the last few weeks, working on our research foundation and a couple of new ventures and hanging out with friends.

The night before last, one of the typical spring storms rolled south of us in Northern Colorado.  I did not have time to setup my time-lapse camera but did grab the video below from the doorway of G2 using my iPhone 6 Plus.  Pretty amazing considering the very black sky.


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