Happy Birthday Megan & Mason!

Megan and Mason you are now 11 and it is time to think about your future.

Grab the Ball and Run, Run, Run!

Your birthday message? Grab the  ball and run, run, run!

The best gift that we can give you is some advice that we can all learn from our “Voiceless Messenger” friends.

Life is about simple truths. One of them is that we have a lot to learn from our animal friends. Science says we evolved from apes and some of us believe we have not evolved very far. Others believe we have followed somewhat of a devolutionary path. In reality, we all have choices and choices are certainly better than none.

In all the experience we have had to offer you on your life’s path, it would be far too easy to tell you all the things you need to learn, things to avoid and what is the meaning of success. We think it is better to share with you something more profound.

Some great philosophers seem to concur that happiness is looking forward to something in life. We take it a set further-offering that happiness is an individual trait that we cannot gain from others. It is personal. Even as twins, your interests are different and your dreams are already forming. So looking forward to things is happiness as long as they are your own dreams.

Therefore, it is important to look forward to things with blinders on. Don’t let anyone distract you while also realizing that defining moments can set, altar or deflect your course. Resist them and you rob yourself of adventure.

So we thought and thought about how to learn to look forward to things and offer that following your bliss, recognizing your passion for things and never let anyone take away your dreams is our best guide to the future and happiness.

Turns out that it is probably a good lesson at any age, so consider this as a part of our annual birthday wishes for you both.

Now for the animal connection. Below is a video we published here before. It is about a chance encounter that Japser puppy had with a little black dog named Satchy on a desolate Oregon Beach. What transpired next is a lesson on finding your bliss wherever you are in life. Very appropriate today on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Megan and Mason!

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