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Grizzly in Borrego

We started a Google+ Community because we felt the need to find like-minded freaks.  You can view it here and maybe join in.

So, why did we start this?  Below is the description of why that we posted on the new community.


bw_tightWe are on the road 365 for our personal care and pet products businesses.  We live in a custom motor coach that was built for us on an 18 wheeler chassis about three years ago.  Everything is custom from our drawer dishwasher, to five forms of internet and office space for our business.  It is our home on wheels and we love visiting our customers and traveling all over the country at SeeLevel.

Wendy and I have always been nomads even before we met each other.  I was a high tech CEO form Silicon Valley and had an “Up in the Air” life with over 3 million miles on American Airlines alone.  Not counting all the other airlines miles I had accumulated, it was testament to insanity and no life.  Wendy was a VP with Coca-Cola with a similar frequent flyer malady.  We suspect that we flew some of the same planes together, but being nomadic, you rarely engage.

When we did meet, it was not only love at first sight, but also the discovery of a kindred spirit of a fellow traveler.  See, our life up in the air was hard, but a preference compared to living in the suburbs.

We wrote a book title “Defining Moments, A Brand New Day,” about our experience of meeting, trashing our corporate careers and finding a life of adventure on the road together.  The term SeeLevel was created by us to signify that we are now able to see all the things that we once wondered about from our window seats in airplanes.

We work hard and sometime make runs across the US  in four to five days.  Our coach, affectionately known as “The Grizzly,” provides literal luxury for us with more amenities than our land based homes that we once had.  Aspiring to be homeless.

So, we started NOBO’s because as road travelers, we realized that we preferred truck stops and overnights in rest areas much more than a campground.  Even though we travel in what is technically an RV, we are not RVers.  We are not retired people living on a tight budget that go to pot lucks on Wednesday at the KOA, complain about everything nor do we enjoy playing bingo.  We have met some wonderful new friend on the road by sheer luck.  These are friend for life and we often email to find out where each other is.  On occasion there are rendezvous and sometimes it is blind staggering luck that we  find each other in some remote place in the US or Canada.

I am a photo and video hobbyist sometimes turned professional.  Wendy and I were invited by a friend to join a Google Community for HDR Photography by Trey Ratcliff.  It was my first exposure to the concept of the Google Communities started a few short weeks ago.  I thought that this was the perfect mechanism to find like-minded freaks like us.  Rather than operating on chance, we thought luck might favor the prepared mind.

So I guess anything goes in hopes of finding others that are as crazy for travel at SeeLevel as we are.

Bob and Wendy

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