Yellowstone at SeeLevel

Yellowstone Lower Falls by Bob Root HDR

Wendy has always wanted to see Yellowstone National Park and I have wanted to go back and spend time just exploring it rather than a quick auto tour. So we made that left turn on I-90 at Livingston Montana and headed for Yellowstone.

We spent the day exploring the things we wanted to see at the pace that we set.

Here is a video of our adventure as well as one that is set at a little faster pace….Our music video version.

I want to preface what you are about to see with the fact that Wendy shot all the video you are about to see. We are working on a longer more traditional version that has more scenes, more animal encounters and different music. But for now……

Yellowstone National Park by Chill Travelers

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For my photographer friends!

Yellowstone Lower Falls by Bob Root Click To Enlarge

To add an interesting note to this, I wanted to submit a picture for a spring photo contest. In our travels, we have never quite seen spring and today, May 15th, is the deadline for submissions. I had hoped to find an image that screamed spring and after a few hundred pictures, we were at the vantage point of Yellowstone “Lower Fall,” when Wendy started shooting video of the falls through a clearing in the trees. When I looked at the angle, most of the shot was obscured except for this small vertical slice. So I grabbed my widest angle lens and took the shot using a 9 image HDR bracket. When I got back to the Grizzly, it was late and I was a couple of hours away from deadline. So rather than going through all the processes I normally have to go through to produce an HDR image, I used the latest new version of Photoshop. The contest asked for “as natural an image as possible,” so this seemed to work for them and me. Twenty minutes before deadline, I uploaded this image. You can click on the image to see the larger version.

We continue to experiment with music and video effects.  We took the same raw footage that we used above to create a slower paced version of our video edited to the music of or friend David Arkenstone from his album titled Quest Of The Dream Warrior.  In fact, it was David’s album that inspired the name of our motoryacht that we lived on in San Diego…Dream Warrior.  So click the read more to go to the next page for the video

Yellowstone Dreams by Chill Travelers  6:00

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